Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hello Family

Well Halloween was fun. On the 3oth around midnite we were able to carve Ella's pumpkin. Well for Halloween Ella was a Pumpkin. Then during the day of Halloween Laura and Halen carved a white pumpkin that Laura's parents gave us. So we had two pumpkins for Halloween. Mind you she was the cutest pumkin as Laura says. Of course that was the only costume that would fit her for her size. Well for Trick-or-Treat we went to the church's Trunk-or-Treat and she fell asleep. Then one of the schools here did trick or treat and once again she fell asleep. Then on Halloween night we went trick or treating she fell asleep once again. So instead of a pumpkin she was a snoring pumpkin/sleeping pumpkin. Well we didn't do too well at recieving candy. Not a lot of houses by Laura's parents had their lights on for passing out candy. Of course all the people who were passing out candy ohh and ahhh at ella and said that she was so cute. Thomas and Laura didn't really dress up for Halloween this year.

The reason for the fish picture was that the other night ella would not calm down and we tried everything until Alicia brought a fish for her to chew on. The reason for the fish is because we were trying to find things that will fit her mouth and the only thing that would was the green fish.