Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ella's First Christmas

Hello Everyone,

I know that this is a late Merry Christmas but here it is. Just wanted to write and let you know how things went. As you can tell the Ella is just like Candy when she was younger. Loving those candy canes. Good thing that one isn't real. Well for christmas morning we we got to her moms house at 8 in the morning. We started with Santa presents for the little kids and stockings for everyone else. The little kids presents towered everyone elses. Ella's Santa's presents came up to the top lock on their back door. She got an excersauser, a TJ berrytale bear, others which I can not remember. But there are many things that happened. I got a printer and the little people nativity scene also Harry Potter 5 and Pirates and the Carribean 3. Laura got a foot massager, a jewlery case and a gift certificate from kohls from her sister. So over all the people that got the most gifts were halen and Ella.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in our Little House

Well here is some pictures of our first christmas in our little house. From the last blog you saw our chirstmas tree. Here we have the wonderful stockings that Grandma Gentry made for us. As of latley all of them have fallen down. This is our first nativity scene. It is little people Nativity the full set. Halen loves playing with them.
So we have only 8 days til Christmas. We hope everyone well have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We Love you guys and hope to hear from you guys soon.

Love Laura Tom and Ella.

Our Baby's first.

Here are some pics of ellas firsts things that she has done. Playing a video game, Santa, Ice Storm and Christmas. Each one is unique in its own way.

The Ice Storm 2 Pictures

So this the the disaster that happened after the Ice Storm that hit OKlahoma last week.The picture to the left is our Neighbors house whose drive way is still blocked because of the branches that fell due to the weight of the ice. The right is a sign covered in ice.
bottom right is our tree that was coved in Ice. Two branches broke off of the tree and almost hit our house. These pictures are of the branches been held up with the roof. The one to the left of it is a picture of Laura's partents house.

The Ice Storm

Crunch, crunch crunch. What is that noise that you ask? Well that is the sound of Ice on the side of our house as some one is walking by. We just had our first bad ice storm of the season. Temperatures droped to the what felt like negitive digits. More than 600,000 people were out of power. Inculding the in-laws. Most were out when the storm hit others were out from monday or tuesday. Most of the electricty is turned on but there is about 90,000 people who still don't have power. Laura's parents were out of lights for 2 days at the most. Some schools have been out for the whole week. others just for a few days. There was one school in a small town that burned down(only 70% burned). The power was out and they said that it was an electrical fire. Then on friday to saturday we got hit by another storm. This storm brought us snow and the cold again. Now that the storm has passed all the ice and snow have melted but there is devastation all over the state of Oklahoma. We have been put in as a State of Disaster since the whole storm hit.

Pictures are coming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello All

Well things are slowly getting back to normal after our trip durning the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know that this is a little slow in coming since everyone has put up a blog except for us. Here is what has happened since we parted from Celestes' house.

1 We drove by my old work place in Lindon to see an old co-worker of mine. She came down and we visited her for a little bit. After that we were leaving and we decided to see if my old car was still there. Sure enough it was. With a closer look we found out that my license plates were still on the car. Needless to say we had to go to the DMV to get a new title for laura's car. As long as we were there we asked them about the car that I sold. Sure enough he had reregistered the car in my name. So we requested a dupilcate title for that car and I now have it. Along with that we cancelled the registration. Then they told us that we should take off the license plates. So we went to Jed and Leona's place and got a screwdriver. While we were there jed suggested that we get an officer of the peace to be there just in case he came out. So we get there and the cop gets there and we explain what is going on and of course he checked out the license plates to make sure it was under my name. They were and he said to take it off. So we did. When we did that we also left him a note saying that he had one month to pay us the money or we were taking him to small claims court or we just might take the car back since it is still in my name.

2 I started my new job the week or so when we got back. I now have been there two weeks and I love it. Currently I am hired as a part time employee but i am going to be working full time. So after I am all done training I am goining to be full time. I am working in the drive thru where there isn't that many people to talk to and I am going to be there 7:15 until 3:15 or 4:15 depending wether or not I take a Lunch. Working in a bank you have to make sure that everything equals out. Well the last two days that I have been either short or over that ammount that I am supposed to have on hand. The first day i was there I was 1.75 short at the close of day. Then right before I left i did a trial close and found out that I was 2.00 over. so techniquly i was .25 over. Then the next day I was 155.00 over at close of day and then at the trial i was 30.70 under. I don't know what is going on. I am doing everything that I am supposed to do.

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