Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ella's First Christmas

Hello Everyone,

I know that this is a late Merry Christmas but here it is. Just wanted to write and let you know how things went. As you can tell the Ella is just like Candy when she was younger. Loving those candy canes. Good thing that one isn't real. Well for christmas morning we we got to her moms house at 8 in the morning. We started with Santa presents for the little kids and stockings for everyone else. The little kids presents towered everyone elses. Ella's Santa's presents came up to the top lock on their back door. She got an excersauser, a TJ berrytale bear, others which I can not remember. But there are many things that happened. I got a printer and the little people nativity scene also Harry Potter 5 and Pirates and the Carribean 3. Laura got a foot massager, a jewlery case and a gift certificate from kohls from her sister. So over all the people that got the most gifts were halen and Ella.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in our Little House

Well here is some pictures of our first christmas in our little house. From the last blog you saw our chirstmas tree. Here we have the wonderful stockings that Grandma Gentry made for us. As of latley all of them have fallen down. This is our first nativity scene. It is little people Nativity the full set. Halen loves playing with them.
So we have only 8 days til Christmas. We hope everyone well have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We Love you guys and hope to hear from you guys soon.

Love Laura Tom and Ella.

Our Baby's first.

Here are some pics of ellas firsts things that she has done. Playing a video game, Santa, Ice Storm and Christmas. Each one is unique in its own way.

The Ice Storm 2 Pictures

So this the the disaster that happened after the Ice Storm that hit OKlahoma last week.The picture to the left is our Neighbors house whose drive way is still blocked because of the branches that fell due to the weight of the ice. The right is a sign covered in ice.
bottom right is our tree that was coved in Ice. Two branches broke off of the tree and almost hit our house. These pictures are of the branches been held up with the roof. The one to the left of it is a picture of Laura's partents house.

The Ice Storm

Crunch, crunch crunch. What is that noise that you ask? Well that is the sound of Ice on the side of our house as some one is walking by. We just had our first bad ice storm of the season. Temperatures droped to the what felt like negitive digits. More than 600,000 people were out of power. Inculding the in-laws. Most were out when the storm hit others were out from monday or tuesday. Most of the electricty is turned on but there is about 90,000 people who still don't have power. Laura's parents were out of lights for 2 days at the most. Some schools have been out for the whole week. others just for a few days. There was one school in a small town that burned down(only 70% burned). The power was out and they said that it was an electrical fire. Then on friday to saturday we got hit by another storm. This storm brought us snow and the cold again. Now that the storm has passed all the ice and snow have melted but there is devastation all over the state of Oklahoma. We have been put in as a State of Disaster since the whole storm hit.

Pictures are coming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello All

Well things are slowly getting back to normal after our trip durning the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know that this is a little slow in coming since everyone has put up a blog except for us. Here is what has happened since we parted from Celestes' house.

1 We drove by my old work place in Lindon to see an old co-worker of mine. She came down and we visited her for a little bit. After that we were leaving and we decided to see if my old car was still there. Sure enough it was. With a closer look we found out that my license plates were still on the car. Needless to say we had to go to the DMV to get a new title for laura's car. As long as we were there we asked them about the car that I sold. Sure enough he had reregistered the car in my name. So we requested a dupilcate title for that car and I now have it. Along with that we cancelled the registration. Then they told us that we should take off the license plates. So we went to Jed and Leona's place and got a screwdriver. While we were there jed suggested that we get an officer of the peace to be there just in case he came out. So we get there and the cop gets there and we explain what is going on and of course he checked out the license plates to make sure it was under my name. They were and he said to take it off. So we did. When we did that we also left him a note saying that he had one month to pay us the money or we were taking him to small claims court or we just might take the car back since it is still in my name.

2 I started my new job the week or so when we got back. I now have been there two weeks and I love it. Currently I am hired as a part time employee but i am going to be working full time. So after I am all done training I am goining to be full time. I am working in the drive thru where there isn't that many people to talk to and I am going to be there 7:15 until 3:15 or 4:15 depending wether or not I take a Lunch. Working in a bank you have to make sure that everything equals out. Well the last two days that I have been either short or over that ammount that I am supposed to have on hand. The first day i was there I was 1.75 short at the close of day. Then right before I left i did a trial close and found out that I was 2.00 over. so techniquly i was .25 over. Then the next day I was 155.00 over at close of day and then at the trial i was 30.70 under. I don't know what is going on. I am doing everything that I am supposed to do.

Next Topic The Ice Storm.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hello Family

Well Halloween was fun. On the 3oth around midnite we were able to carve Ella's pumpkin. Well for Halloween Ella was a Pumpkin. Then during the day of Halloween Laura and Halen carved a white pumpkin that Laura's parents gave us. So we had two pumpkins for Halloween. Mind you she was the cutest pumkin as Laura says. Of course that was the only costume that would fit her for her size. Well for Trick-or-Treat we went to the church's Trunk-or-Treat and she fell asleep. Then one of the schools here did trick or treat and once again she fell asleep. Then on Halloween night we went trick or treating she fell asleep once again. So instead of a pumpkin she was a snoring pumpkin/sleeping pumpkin. Well we didn't do too well at recieving candy. Not a lot of houses by Laura's parents had their lights on for passing out candy. Of course all the people who were passing out candy ohh and ahhh at ella and said that she was so cute. Thomas and Laura didn't really dress up for Halloween this year.

The reason for the fish picture was that the other night ella would not calm down and we tried everything until Alicia brought a fish for her to chew on. The reason for the fish is because we were trying to find things that will fit her mouth and the only thing that would was the green fish.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well since i hav some time before i have to be in math tonight I decided that i should get a blog done. Here is what has happened so far. Oklahoma has beaten its rainfall record for the year and yet we still have a few months left to go. I beat laura's mom on a test. I missed one question that should have been easy to remember but i didn't. I got 99% and Laura's mom got 91%. I was really excited about that. I have a 85% in that class. I am trying to get it up to an A. I have had an Interview for a banking position. The same bank that Laura's sister is employeed. It is going to be about 20 hrs a week and $9.00 an hr. The postion that it is, is less than 20 hrs. The branch manager that interviewed me said that this was the most informal interview that i will ever have. I am supposed to hear back soon on it. It looks promsing. He said that he takes recomindations from other employees very high. Since Laura's Sister works for the same bank she told him about me. Once I get into it I can easily get into other banks as my referrals get up which he said that he will mentor me and show me how to do it. I will not be able to get full time at the place where i might be working at, but i can apply for other full time postions within the business and other banks.
Well I have to get to class so I will talk to you guys later.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18th

Hello family. I hope that everything is going ok? As for our little family things are going great. Well sort of. Work is still cutting me on hours. This last week I got 35 hours. I have had a job interview and it looks promising. Only problem with that is, it is less than 20 hrs. Atleast I will have a foot in the door for banking, possibly. We have moved into the house and so far we have the living room and the kitchen cleaned. Next room to tackle is the bedroom. Once we get that done we will post pictures on our blog.
Speaking of pictures I have put three new ones up. One of them is of ella sleeping, another one is of ella and I sleeping and the last one is of Ella smiling that we have been trying to get a picture of. More of her will be coming...
Ella had her 2 month shots on Monday. They weighed her at that time she now weighs 8lbs 12 oz(fully clothed). She is also 22 inches long. So we have a baby girl that is long and skinny. after me of course. She sleeps at times the whole night without waking up and other times she wakes up at 1:30 and will not go back to sleep unless she is laying on daddy's chest. She also likes to stick her face into my chest, she gets to hear my heatbeat a lot better because of my crater that I have there.
Laura is doing fine. Still watching Halen. She does that to help out the best that she can. Hopfully she will go back to school next semester. We are going to try to take some courses together so that we can help each other out.
As for me things are going al right. Wish things could be better, but it is going alright. Like I said earlier work is going all right, nothing too fancy there. So here I am in a little delima. I will work through it. School is going ok. I got my first "A" on a test. I was still 1% behind Laura's mom. This next test that we took last week I am hoping that I am going beat her.
Well got to be going. Laura's mom needs to do homework.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everything OK

Well here I am already out of English, and not knowing what to do. All that we did today was turn in our essay, read a letter out of our book and then left. I have been out of class since 6 pm tonight. As you can tell I figured out some information on the blog and now I can do some things. Just to let you know about what is going on with us here is the low down on our little family in Oklahoma. We hope to move into our house this weekend. We we have to. Later on that.

First things first. Ella is now 6 weeks old and only wakes up once a night(Usually about 12:30 or 1). Then she wakes up inbetween 5-7 usually for the rest of day. She hasn't been sleeping much durning the day because cousin Halen is always doing something. Her appointment that she had Yesterday told us some new information. She now weighs in at 7lbs 10oz. She is 21-21 3/4 inches long. Since her last appointment she has gained 10oz. Dang those Gentry Genes. The state nurse(Since we are on WIC) that we went is a little afraid that she isn't gaining enough. We keep telling her to look at Dad. We had a little scare from her a little while ago. We had to take her to the Emergencey room and they took an X-ray of her. From what they saw nothing happened, but a closer look they found out that her heart was shaped as a boot. So we had to do a cardio gram on her to see if there were going to be any complications later on. The doctor said that everything checks out OK.

Laura is doing really well. Keeps up with babysitting her Nephew, and watching Ella. She watches Halen Monday-Friday while Alicia is at work and so is everybody else. She is always happy to do the work to help everybody else out. She will be happy once the house is ready to go so that we can finally put Ella on a routine. It seems that she also wants to put me on as well.

As for me well things are going ok. Work still isn't giving me the hours that need every week in order to pay the bills. I have now applied for so many jobs it s amazing that I don't have a new one right now. The ones that I have applied for is what I have done previously and one is with banks.Just waiting to hear back from them. For some reason every month we manage to do just that. Pay all of our bills. It is all due to Paying Thithing. It is a marvelous thing. School is going ok. So far I have had at least one test in all my classes except for English. As you can tell we are hardly in class to learn anything. Every Tuesday I am in Biology with Laura's Parents and so far so good. On all the test that We have taken in there(which is 3) her mom as pulled A's. On this next test lets see how she does. My other classes are going good also. I am working hard to learn everything that I need to know. Somthings are harder for me than others but it is really an eye opener. Once you have to pay for your own schooling you work twice as hard to get good grades. Only wish I could have done it earlier.
Now about the house. Sorry no pictures this time. Hoped you like what the rooms looked like before we painted over them. Now the rooms look so much better. The living room is in pale green color to make it look biger. The master bedroom that was Pink and Black with Zebra print carpet is a pale blue color. The baby's room is going to have a blue with sparkles in it to refelect the light. We are doing a Faries theme in her room, and by chance Ella means beautiful farie. That we didn't plan for until we saw her. Her room is going to have a Tinker Bell Light, with a Tinkerbell picture ont he wall and little faries around the room. There is no more carpet in the house only wood floors which are being put down as we speak. We are going to have to move into it this weekend as we have to out of our apartment complex by October 1st. So we are working hard between school and work to get it all taken care of. Pictures will be coming soon.

I guess it is time for me to say farwell to you guys. More posts will come.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The House

Hello Everyone,

Well I told you that I would give you more about the house later. It is offical Laura's Parents got the house and are starting to do some(ok a lot of) fixups on it. This past weekend we (meaning Mom, Dad Gentry and I) started painting over what was in the original rooms. The rooms beginning were pink. The baby's room was pink with yellow trim, the master bedroom was Pink, with black trim. The master bedroom's carpet was zebra print. Needless to say that was the first thing to go. Right now all that we have done is torne up the carpet in the master bedroom and the living room. Also we started painting over the hideous colors and they are now white.
We have a theme for the babies room. It has to do with faries mainly Tinker Bell from Petter Pan. We have a fan, pictures and we are going to be painting the bedroom a blue with glitter in the paint. The living room is going be a light green and our main bedroom is going to be a light blue.

Ella's Blessing

Hello all,
Today was Ella's Baby Blessing. Grandpa Gentry was the one to bless her. There is a picture of her in her blessing gown on the left hand side. Grandma Inge was of course the one that made the blessing dress. It was a beautiful dress that was made. We stayed for the whole church block. We also had a luncheon afterwards. It was a very nice day. We also went to the Okalahoma City Memorial Center for a little walk this afternoon.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ella Elizabeth Gentry is Here

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello We Are Here

Hello Family,
So we decided to start a website of our own. This way you guys can see pictures of how we are and how we are doing, and ofcourse of our little baby girl Ella. Here is a little update on what is happening to us way in Oklahoma. School has started and is in full swing. I am currently enrolled in 13 Credits at OCCC (Oklahoma City Community College). The classes that I am in are Government, English, College Algebra and Biology. On Tuesdays I am in class with Laura's parents so we car pool. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I carpool with her dad and usually I get out before he does so I am at the Library doing homework until he is done.
Laura is working. She is watching her Nephew Halen everyday. He is loads of fun!!!! Especially now that he is 2 1/2. So Laura has her hands full everyday. He runs around and always wants to have all the attention on him. It is taking him awhile to understand that there is another baby in the house. He is slowly coming getting to realize that there is another baby in the house.
We also have an announcement; this is a very big announcement. Both Laura and I are very happy about this. Her mom part ownes a building in California and the main person has decided to sell the building. With that sale going on she has decided to put the money into something that will get money out of. She has decided to buy a house. This house will be fore Laura and I and also Ella. We should find out soon if they took the offer that they put down. Now also her Nana (Grandma) has decided to help us out. She says that it isn't very healthy to stay at our Apartment that we are renting. I will tell you guys more about that house when we get it.
I guess for now I will give you guys this. Will do another about Ella when I get home tonight.

Thomas, Laura, and Ella.