Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Baby

Before any of you freak out NO Thomas and I are not having a new baby. Ella is like a whole new baby. For the first time since she has been on formula she does not have a runny nose. The reason she has had the chronic problem is that she is allergic to milk protein. So she was put on a soy formula. Well she is sensitive to that also. So she is now on a Hypoallergenic Formula. Thank goodness for WIC because it is $30 for a 16oz can. She is happier, even more alert which i didn't think possible, and more talkative. This is all great for her but not so much for me cause I am always exhausted . I am trying to pump more so that she can get more milk but I seem to have issues with the pump. So we will just have to see.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Videos Of Ella

Ella loves to hold everything and examine it. This is her examining her spoon.

Daddy teasing Ella. She gets so excited when it is time to eat.

Her checks have really filled out since the food.

I like Fish and smiling at mommy

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well here is everything that is going on in our neck of the woods/with our little family

1: Ella is now 6 months old and growing out of everything. She is getting too big for all of her cute clothes that she has so we went and bought her new clothes.
2: Ella's room is almost done. Just one more coat of paint.
3: Laura is always happy when Thomas gets home.
4: Thomas only has to go to school on Mondays and not the rest of the week.
5: Thomas will eventually be going bald for all the hair that Ella is lovingly pulling out.
6: Laura is going crazy because of the messy house.
7: Thomas is going to be selling his Honda as soon as the door gets fixed.
8 Pictures will come when Ella's room is done.
9: Ella is crawling all over Daddy.
10: Ella now has 2 teeth and eats 2 jars of baby food a day.(recommended by the doctor)
11: Thomas wrote an essay for school that was really good. He got a good grade on it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am getting so frustrated with Doctors! We got new insurance so we had to find a new Doctor. Ella went to see one we were thinking of being her primary because she has been having coughing fits. That was all it was supposed to be instead they turned it in to a Wellness visit. They even asked if i wanted them to do a wellness visit and I said no. Anyways, they started up the whole thing of "she doesn't weigh enough"weighs 12lbs9oz length 25ins.... "we should be worried about her brain function"...."you don't feed her enough"....etc. they asked how much she eats and how often well she takes in about 4-5oz of formula every two hours when awake and eats 2 jars baby food a day. They said that I need to feed her 7-8ozs every three hours and to wake her up at night for feedings also. The problem is that when I try to give her more than 5oz she will not take it or she trows up. We have done the adding cereal to the formula...we have done high calorie formula and it doesn't make a difference. AHHH!!! In the last 7 months there has been 11 babies born in our ward. Ella is the healthiest. She is alert, she talks (babbles and will says mama), she has two teeth, she reaches for toys and looks for them when they fall, she observes everything around her, and loves studying faces. If this is what an unhealthy malnourished baby is then we have a lot of 20lb 6month olds who are "malnourished" I mean i am wrong? Am I malnourishing my child? Should I be worried? They just make me feel like a horrible mother when they start down my throat like this.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ella and her new toy

Hello Family,
The other day Laura was trying to do
Laundry while Halen was over. She needed
to put Ella down for a second but had to be
somewhere Halen couldn't get to her. So
she put here down in the laundry basket
She instantly loved it. She just looked
around and smiled. When I got home and
heard about it I had to see for myself. So I
tried and sure enough she calmed right
down and just smiled way.