Saturday, June 21, 2008

#4 Painting

One day I had gotten home from work early and was playing with Ella when Laura had a good idea for Halen to do as we watch him in the mornings. We decided to paint pictures. Don't worry they were not toxic and were ok to play with. we cut a piece of paper for ella to do some paintings and have to see the pictures. These pictures are worth a thousand words. Hope you enjoy them. Ella had a fun time doing it. As you can tell she got paint everywhere.

#3 Whitewater Bay

I know that it is hard to see, but a while back Laura went with Halen, her brother, mom and Ella to White water Bay. This was Ella's first water day and from what I heard she had a blast. She even fell asleep in her tube a little before they were about to leave. To say the least I wasn't able to go but I might be going soon. I hope that All your pool parties are going to be fun and hope everything is a blast.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

#2 Remodeling The Bathroom

Well as you can tell I had a little fun with the remolding. They wanted me to scrape off all of the popcorn stuff on the ceiling. Lets just say that If i didn't have the goggles on my eyes I probably wouldn't have been able to see. After going through all that Laura decides to crack a joke. Saying " Hey maybe for Halloween you can be a ghost. I mean i know how to make you all white now."

Late in coming , but good nonetheless

So Looking at everyone's blog I have noticed that we are the last ones to update it. Well you will be surprised at how busy we have been. I've hardly had the time to breathe it seems like, for i am working hard at both jobs. What has happened since we have done the last blog... Well for starters Memorial day I had off from both jobs and we went to the zoo. Second I have been helping remodel the upstairs bathroom. Third Ella and Laura went to White Water. Forth We found a little gardener snake. Fifth Ella did a little painting, and last but not least we went Camping.

So as you can tell a lot has gone on since May 7, the last post. This will catch you guys up to speed on what has been happening here in our little neck of the woods. Also during this whole time I have been working more at Chili's and am going to be putting in an application in to be a Personal Banker at the downtown location. The reason behind it is that Our Personal Banker at our location is going to be going to school full time and only working Part time as a teller. One of our other tellers that we have is going to be quiting on August 15. So it works out in the end. All that we need is a full time PB and I am going to talk to my manager about it.

So the days that I have been working at chili's is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and also Saturday mornings at 8 in the morning. So besides getting more shifts at chili's more money for us, If they would seat me, and if they would quit giving me Q.A (Quality Analysis, making sure correct food goes out to the correct table) and Host Shifts. Other than that things are good. Ohh the ones on Saturday are for New Hire Orientation.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First trip to the zoo!!!

This weekend that we went to the zoo was the first actual 3 day weekend that I have had in a long time. So we decided to go to the Zoo. We were planning on being there only a couple of hours but we were there for like 4 hours. As you can tell Ella had a good time at the zoo. It was hot when we went so a lot of the animals like this Gorilla were in the shade just taking a rest. Things were going good. Funny little story about the zoo. We went into this area for all of the marine life. We walked down into this area and were walking around when out of the blue this voice rings out and says "The picture that you have does not do her justice." I looked around and notice a couple . The wife said the same thing again, then she added "you don't remember us do you?" I looked at her and then the baby, then at her again , and then I looked at her husband. That is when it hit me. I showed them a picture of Ella while I served them at Chili's a few weeks past. Talk about weird.

These are just some of the pictures that we have for you. More to come.