Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Very Own NBA Team

So Last night I went to our First ever Pre-season NBA Home game. It was quite the thrill to see Professional Basketball players up close. In fact I was just about on the floor with the seats that I got. The only reason why I got this ticket was that our bosses bought 9 tickets. 4-2 ticktes and a single ticket. This is from the bank. I happen to have won the single ticket but i tried to get another one so that Laura could go with me. Our team's name is Oklahoma City Thunder. It is a little odd but it is catching on. We only lost by 2 points. The final score was 90-88. We played the L.A Clippers. The game was very good it wasn't until after half time that the crowd started to get into the game. Yes even me... Although most people were drinking I was not. It was, needless to say, a very good game. I hope that i will be able to win more tickets to be able to go to more home games.

Just to let you know I had to leave my MacroEconomics class in order to go. I got my test that I took last week and I scored an 88% on it. It is better than the 56% that I scored on my first test. My accounting class I have an A the other two classes I am unsure about. Other than that things are going good.

We have moved into an apartment that is closer to the college that I am going to. Her parents have moved upstairs so that they can finish the downstairs to get the house ready to sell. So the little house that we were living in they are going to be moving into with Halen.

Laura and ella are doing good. Ella is walking all over the place. We have to keep a close eye on her or she goes into the kitchen and get everything out of the cupboards. Laura is doing good in her new calling. Her calling is in the YW with the Behives, she is gone for Mutual so i get the house for a little bit. So far she is liking her calling.

Tell you more later.