Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everything OK

Well here I am already out of English, and not knowing what to do. All that we did today was turn in our essay, read a letter out of our book and then left. I have been out of class since 6 pm tonight. As you can tell I figured out some information on the blog and now I can do some things. Just to let you know about what is going on with us here is the low down on our little family in Oklahoma. We hope to move into our house this weekend. We we have to. Later on that.

First things first. Ella is now 6 weeks old and only wakes up once a night(Usually about 12:30 or 1). Then she wakes up inbetween 5-7 usually for the rest of day. She hasn't been sleeping much durning the day because cousin Halen is always doing something. Her appointment that she had Yesterday told us some new information. She now weighs in at 7lbs 10oz. She is 21-21 3/4 inches long. Since her last appointment she has gained 10oz. Dang those Gentry Genes. The state nurse(Since we are on WIC) that we went is a little afraid that she isn't gaining enough. We keep telling her to look at Dad. We had a little scare from her a little while ago. We had to take her to the Emergencey room and they took an X-ray of her. From what they saw nothing happened, but a closer look they found out that her heart was shaped as a boot. So we had to do a cardio gram on her to see if there were going to be any complications later on. The doctor said that everything checks out OK.

Laura is doing really well. Keeps up with babysitting her Nephew, and watching Ella. She watches Halen Monday-Friday while Alicia is at work and so is everybody else. She is always happy to do the work to help everybody else out. She will be happy once the house is ready to go so that we can finally put Ella on a routine. It seems that she also wants to put me on as well.

As for me well things are going ok. Work still isn't giving me the hours that need every week in order to pay the bills. I have now applied for so many jobs it s amazing that I don't have a new one right now. The ones that I have applied for is what I have done previously and one is with banks.Just waiting to hear back from them. For some reason every month we manage to do just that. Pay all of our bills. It is all due to Paying Thithing. It is a marvelous thing. School is going ok. So far I have had at least one test in all my classes except for English. As you can tell we are hardly in class to learn anything. Every Tuesday I am in Biology with Laura's Parents and so far so good. On all the test that We have taken in there(which is 3) her mom as pulled A's. On this next test lets see how she does. My other classes are going good also. I am working hard to learn everything that I need to know. Somthings are harder for me than others but it is really an eye opener. Once you have to pay for your own schooling you work twice as hard to get good grades. Only wish I could have done it earlier.
Now about the house. Sorry no pictures this time. Hoped you like what the rooms looked like before we painted over them. Now the rooms look so much better. The living room is in pale green color to make it look biger. The master bedroom that was Pink and Black with Zebra print carpet is a pale blue color. The baby's room is going to have a blue with sparkles in it to refelect the light. We are doing a Faries theme in her room, and by chance Ella means beautiful farie. That we didn't plan for until we saw her. Her room is going to have a Tinker Bell Light, with a Tinkerbell picture ont he wall and little faries around the room. There is no more carpet in the house only wood floors which are being put down as we speak. We are going to have to move into it this weekend as we have to out of our apartment complex by October 1st. So we are working hard between school and work to get it all taken care of. Pictures will be coming soon.

I guess it is time for me to say farwell to you guys. More posts will come.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The House

Hello Everyone,

Well I told you that I would give you more about the house later. It is offical Laura's Parents got the house and are starting to do some(ok a lot of) fixups on it. This past weekend we (meaning Mom, Dad Gentry and I) started painting over what was in the original rooms. The rooms beginning were pink. The baby's room was pink with yellow trim, the master bedroom was Pink, with black trim. The master bedroom's carpet was zebra print. Needless to say that was the first thing to go. Right now all that we have done is torne up the carpet in the master bedroom and the living room. Also we started painting over the hideous colors and they are now white.
We have a theme for the babies room. It has to do with faries mainly Tinker Bell from Petter Pan. We have a fan, pictures and we are going to be painting the bedroom a blue with glitter in the paint. The living room is going be a light green and our main bedroom is going to be a light blue.

Ella's Blessing

Hello all,
Today was Ella's Baby Blessing. Grandpa Gentry was the one to bless her. There is a picture of her in her blessing gown on the left hand side. Grandma Inge was of course the one that made the blessing dress. It was a beautiful dress that was made. We stayed for the whole church block. We also had a luncheon afterwards. It was a very nice day. We also went to the Okalahoma City Memorial Center for a little walk this afternoon.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ella Elizabeth Gentry is Here

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello We Are Here

Hello Family,
So we decided to start a website of our own. This way you guys can see pictures of how we are and how we are doing, and ofcourse of our little baby girl Ella. Here is a little update on what is happening to us way in Oklahoma. School has started and is in full swing. I am currently enrolled in 13 Credits at OCCC (Oklahoma City Community College). The classes that I am in are Government, English, College Algebra and Biology. On Tuesdays I am in class with Laura's parents so we car pool. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I carpool with her dad and usually I get out before he does so I am at the Library doing homework until he is done.
Laura is working. She is watching her Nephew Halen everyday. He is loads of fun!!!! Especially now that he is 2 1/2. So Laura has her hands full everyday. He runs around and always wants to have all the attention on him. It is taking him awhile to understand that there is another baby in the house. He is slowly coming getting to realize that there is another baby in the house.
We also have an announcement; this is a very big announcement. Both Laura and I are very happy about this. Her mom part ownes a building in California and the main person has decided to sell the building. With that sale going on she has decided to put the money into something that will get money out of. She has decided to buy a house. This house will be fore Laura and I and also Ella. We should find out soon if they took the offer that they put down. Now also her Nana (Grandma) has decided to help us out. She says that it isn't very healthy to stay at our Apartment that we are renting. I will tell you guys more about that house when we get it.
I guess for now I will give you guys this. Will do another about Ella when I get home tonight.

Thomas, Laura, and Ella.