Sunday, September 16, 2007

The House

Hello Everyone,

Well I told you that I would give you more about the house later. It is offical Laura's Parents got the house and are starting to do some(ok a lot of) fixups on it. This past weekend we (meaning Mom, Dad Gentry and I) started painting over what was in the original rooms. The rooms beginning were pink. The baby's room was pink with yellow trim, the master bedroom was Pink, with black trim. The master bedroom's carpet was zebra print. Needless to say that was the first thing to go. Right now all that we have done is torne up the carpet in the master bedroom and the living room. Also we started painting over the hideous colors and they are now white.
We have a theme for the babies room. It has to do with faries mainly Tinker Bell from Petter Pan. We have a fan, pictures and we are going to be painting the bedroom a blue with glitter in the paint. The living room is going be a light green and our main bedroom is going to be a light blue.