Monday, January 28, 2008

It has been almost 6 months WOW.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our colors are Red and Yellow

Thomas, your true color is Red!

Your color is red, the color of racy sportscars, blushing cheeks, and luscious roses. Red symbolizes passion, romance, and love. So, since you're ruled by red, you probably trust your feelings more than your brain and tend to act spontaneously. If you see something you want, you go for it without thinking twice — impulsive is your middle name. You don't wait around for people to make decisions, either; you dive right in. Quite the romantic, you pay close attention to your emotions. In fact, if your heart isn't in what you're doing, you won't be satisfied. Of course, even when you do pour all your energy into the projects you tackle, your impetuous nature means your passions can shift as frequently as the wind. That's why some reds have trouble with commitment. Our advice? Next time you're feeling fickle, think before you act, if possible. You might be surprised at the results. Overall, though, it's great to be red. No one lives life more completely than you do.

Laura, your true color is Yellow!

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ella's First Tooth

Hello Family,

Last Night was an eventful night. Ella was teething. She started fussing and since it was a new thing For Laura and I, we called people who had been through it before. We tried everything of course. Teething tablets, teething toys, her green little fish and her pacifier. Nothing worked at all. So I called Celeste, and took her advice. We gave her a double dose of tylenol and put baby orajel on her gums. Later on we fed her and then I put her down to sleep. She slept until 5:30 this morning when I was supposed to wake up. i finally got out of bed about quater til 6 and got her out of her cradel and went to Laura. Got dressed and then went to work.

School also started this week. I have 3 online courses and one that I am taking at school. More on that later. Right now have to go. Have to get Ella to bed.

P.S. We are finally getting Ella's Room done.