Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well since i hav some time before i have to be in math tonight I decided that i should get a blog done. Here is what has happened so far. Oklahoma has beaten its rainfall record for the year and yet we still have a few months left to go. I beat laura's mom on a test. I missed one question that should have been easy to remember but i didn't. I got 99% and Laura's mom got 91%. I was really excited about that. I have a 85% in that class. I am trying to get it up to an A. I have had an Interview for a banking position. The same bank that Laura's sister is employeed. It is going to be about 20 hrs a week and $9.00 an hr. The postion that it is, is less than 20 hrs. The branch manager that interviewed me said that this was the most informal interview that i will ever have. I am supposed to hear back soon on it. It looks promsing. He said that he takes recomindations from other employees very high. Since Laura's Sister works for the same bank she told him about me. Once I get into it I can easily get into other banks as my referrals get up which he said that he will mentor me and show me how to do it. I will not be able to get full time at the place where i might be working at, but i can apply for other full time postions within the business and other banks.
Well I have to get to class so I will talk to you guys later.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18th

Hello family. I hope that everything is going ok? As for our little family things are going great. Well sort of. Work is still cutting me on hours. This last week I got 35 hours. I have had a job interview and it looks promising. Only problem with that is, it is less than 20 hrs. Atleast I will have a foot in the door for banking, possibly. We have moved into the house and so far we have the living room and the kitchen cleaned. Next room to tackle is the bedroom. Once we get that done we will post pictures on our blog.
Speaking of pictures I have put three new ones up. One of them is of ella sleeping, another one is of ella and I sleeping and the last one is of Ella smiling that we have been trying to get a picture of. More of her will be coming...
Ella had her 2 month shots on Monday. They weighed her at that time she now weighs 8lbs 12 oz(fully clothed). She is also 22 inches long. So we have a baby girl that is long and skinny. after me of course. She sleeps at times the whole night without waking up and other times she wakes up at 1:30 and will not go back to sleep unless she is laying on daddy's chest. She also likes to stick her face into my chest, she gets to hear my heatbeat a lot better because of my crater that I have there.
Laura is doing fine. Still watching Halen. She does that to help out the best that she can. Hopfully she will go back to school next semester. We are going to try to take some courses together so that we can help each other out.
As for me things are going al right. Wish things could be better, but it is going alright. Like I said earlier work is going all right, nothing too fancy there. So here I am in a little delima. I will work through it. School is going ok. I got my first "A" on a test. I was still 1% behind Laura's mom. This next test that we took last week I am hoping that I am going beat her.
Well got to be going. Laura's mom needs to do homework.