Friday, March 7, 2008

Allergy Testing

On Wednesday Halen had to have allergy testing. He has been getting the croup at least once a month since November and his doctor was pretty sure it was due to allergies. We weren't too worried because my Sister had allergy testing when she was a kid and they just did a scratch test on her back. Well we were wrong they did the scratch test on his back but then some had to be injected under the skin. Not one but 24 shots . Of course he screamed and was completely exhausted by the end. The doctor gave him coupons to a place called Incredible Pizza which is an All You Can Eat pizza, salad, and dessert place and then they have arcade games and go karts. We went there for dinner that night and had a blast! Thomas took Halen on the Go Karts and they got first place. Halen got a ribbon which he is very proud of. Thomas really made his day!